Art Inspired By The Very Essence Of Life.

A Spontaneous Explosion of Abstract Expressionism Mixed with Experimental subconscious creation.


Capturing the colours, energy and positivity the world has to offer in my Artwork is essential to me.

I Believe achieving happiness is the fundamental aim in life, I endeavour to promote Peace And Positivity. Personal happy experiences, my adventures and the wonderful people I've met along the way actively influence my Art.

A Glasgow based Artist creating Art for over nine years taking inspiration from the hustle and bustle of city life. I love to experiment with colours and I am constantly searching for new ways of applying paint to canvas. I am a great admirer of Street Art and take inspiration from the amazing colourful and energetic creations that randomly appear on the streets across the world

Always Be A True Human, Respect Each Other, Strive for Peace! Best wishes Everyone, Thank you for looking at my Art. Simon Slater.

Regularly Exhibiting in London, Glasgow, Liverpool and Oxford.